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Everything You Need to Know About Clipping Path


1.How do you create a clipping path?


While photo editing softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign provides solutions for a lot of features, one of very important editing features is the clipping path. We often come across situations where we need a specific portion of an image. 


Clipping paths helps us with exactly that and it can be done with the Pen Tool in editing softwares like Photoshop and illustrator. This process is getting easier day by day as their versions are updated from time to time. Clipping path images are always 2D and it is an outlining vector following the same path of a shape to cut out images. 


Mainly used in Photoshop, when the unbroken closed vector is drawn, the image enclosed by the path is the output of the clipping path process and the rest of the image which was outside the path will be omitted.  Whilst this may seem simple enough, clipping is typically divided into three types, namely:

- Single Layer Path

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- Multi-Layer Path

- Illustrator Clipping Path

The Single Layer Path is the easiest out of the three having to only trace the outlines of a hard edged image and simply isolate it from the background. Whereas, The Multi-Layer Path proves to be way more difficult as the user is required to path with multiple layers on the same image to path more than one subjects. 


This is extremely efficient should one need to modify or tweak a specific part of an image. Finally, The Illustrator Clipping Path is when the editor makes multiple vector lines to get more surface area related to the subject image in question and also lets the user resize the output.  


If you have minimal or no idea on how to get your clipping path done of an image, it is always best to get it done from a professional. They will help you get the perfect required clipping path in no time. Uk Clipping Path provides professional clipping path services and helps you get the perfect image ready for your business. 

2.What is the purpose of a clipping path?


The term ‘clipping path’ is primarily related to softwares used for editing images, for instance, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and such. 


The purpose of the function itself is to allow the user to be able to separate a section of a 2-dimensional (2D) image into an individual one. It is more commonly used to remove the background of the picture so that the said portion of the image can be cut out and then be used independently from its original form however the editor wishes. 


Alternatively, using the clipping path technique on a photo is also usually applied to add a blank or white background to the image or manipulating it to repurpose its design for its usage to be expanded into a variety. Generally used in the e-commerce field but not limited to the field, these cut out images are extremely handy when it comes to things like advertisements or even just creating a seamless eye catcher to attract viewers and customers. 


A fundamental example of this is how stores like Amazon, Alibaba etc. prefer white backgrounds like many others and also have specific requirements that have to be met in order for the seller to be able to post the image of the product they are putting up for sale. 


Apart from its central benefit, photo clipping can also be utilized to edit pictures, in this case, being able to easily color correct the aforementioned image that is to be used. Such a feature can prove to be imperative to regulate a lucrative theme or of a business and also contribute to the need of requirements meant to be met to sell a product by an individual seller. 


3.What Is Clipping And Masking?


Clipping and masking, both methods are used for isolating and modifying a section of an image. Clipping is ordinarily applied to get separated images that have sharper edges and corners, whilst masking focuses more on the aspects of opacity and lightness of the image that is to be edited. 


While clipping is principally used to isolate a section of the image from the background, it is not possible to reach every crook of the image, especially if it is a very complex one. Having a clean look on the product showing is gravely crucial for the e-commerce world as it draws in customers. But there are complicated images that can’t be covered with just vector paths or straight lines and need smoothing over to seem less ‘out-of-place’.


This is where photo masking comes in, another technique to remove the background but is used on difficult images like the ones that contain furs, feathers or some kind of fuzzy attribute. This method makes the said types of images appear less edited or faked and much more frictionless and natural.  It is also especially useful when it comes to dealing with shadows and finer details while editing. 


Masking an image can be done through many tools in Photoshop like Magic Eraser tool and Background Eraser tool and can be done with varying levels of ease and difficulty depending on the photo.  However, it is strongly advised that if unable to do so yourself, masking should definitely be done by professionals for better image quality.


4.How do You Choose The Best Clipping Path Service Provider?


Clipping Path is a huge player in maintaining brand image and quality for a business to stay booming and relevant. This requires capabilities as it is such an important part of the online business market, hence, having an experienced team who are skilled in this verse can be extremely useful. There are professionals hired by companies that give out excellent services of photo editing that includes clipping, image manipulation and things alike to those who require aid in regards to creating engaging photos.


The type of work is ordinarily done by companies or individuals who focus on advertisements and the creative world. It is best to choose from those who primarily focus on editing, photography, graphic designing, ad agencies and even printing companies in some cases. 

If you are in need of such a service and are unable to find a suitable medium, you can give our services a look-through. Uk Clipping Path have a diligent team of highly skilled editors to provide images and edits of the highest and professional quality.

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